We get scientists the data they need to address critical challenges to the environment and human health.

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Check out our latest film which begins with a brief overview of the organization and highlights the work of three of our incredible partner scientists. What’s Your Data Dream?

Adventure Scientists in Action

The Science

Learn more about what we do in this short documentary about our work with scientist Abby Barrows, produced by PeoplesTV for a long-time supporter, the Simons Foundation.

The Adventure

Ricky Jones turned his hobby into his job, his van into his home, and his life onto a path of contributing valuable data to science and conservation. Find out what he’s learned along the way.

Why We Need Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

Adventure Scientists’ commitment to address environmental and human health challenges is intended to benefit all. In order to do this, we must address inequalities that affect groups targeted with discrimination.

We have intentionally chosen to work with the principles of Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (EIJ) because focusing on diversity alone falls short of truly transformative action. By creating an institutional framework that elevates EIJ for all people, we intend that diversity in our staff, board, volunteers, and partners will become a natural extension of that framework.

​We are in the early stages of our journey of meaningful and systemic change, within and outside of our organization. We would like to welcome you to this ongoing conversation as we discover how to best stay true to the scientific discoveries that allow us to progress as a society. Find our EIJ statement and commitment with our Mission and Values.

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