Scientists need data.
You can get it.

What is an Adventure Scientists volunteer?

​Adventure Scientists volunteers EXPLORE the planet while making a difference. They COLLECT data to PROTECT critical species and ecosystems.

This is a community of thousands of outdoor adventurers who:

    • Support conservation efforts and the scientific process
    • Pay attention to detail when collecting data
    • Creatively solve problems in challenging situations
    • Engage their communities by sharing their experiences

What does an Adventure Scientists volunteer do?

Each project is unique and will require different skill sets, but all volunteers must:

    • Submit a volunteer application
    • Solidify your trip plan
    • Learn and practice data collection procedures before heading out
    • Accurately collect data in the field
    • Report back in a timely manner

It’s also encouraged that you share your experience on social media, tagging Adventure Scientists accounts on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter

How can I apply to become an Adventure Scientists volunteer?

1. Find a project that interests you.
2. Apply by clicking on the “Apply to Join” button on its page.
3. You’ll be walked through a screening process, and, if you pass, will be contacted by staff and receive access to the training protocols.
Active along the Pacific Coast of Mexico
Next phase coming soon in the United States
Active across the United States


​Does it cost anything to volunteer?

​You don’t have to pay any fees or buy any materials to volunteer with Adventure Scientists. The only costs you might incur are in shipping your samples. We’d love for you to consider this a donation to this research, but if you would rather be reimbursed, just let us know.

Can I sign up as a group?

Yes, but every volunteer who collects samples needs to sign up individually and be trained through us. Any sample taken from someone not in our system will be rejected. If there are members of your group who are untrained to collect samples, consider having those members collect additional observations (e.g., date, time, GPS coordinates).

How else can I get involved?

In addition to becoming an Adventure Scientists volunteer you can sign up for our e-newsletter and follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. Connect us with people we should know. You can also donate to support our important work.

Can I work with Adventure Scientists to develop a project?

We work closely with leaders in the scientific community to develop rigorous projects that create impact. If your project meets our criteria, submit an online form via our project management page.


Our volunteers tell us through surveys that they make behavioral changes after participating in our projects. They advocate for the issues they have worked on and report that they are more likely to pursue careers in conservation after their service.

“I got so much value from knowing we could contribute to awareness for these species, as well as promoting a way that we, as runners, can get involved in conservation.”- Craig Lloyd
“I volunteer with Adventure Scientists because it allows me to actively participate in preserving the places I enjoy and love most in the outdoors. They make it easy to learn the protocol for collecting the samples. So easy that now I take samples whether it’s on a weekend hike in my own backyard here in Patagonia or abroad on vacation.” – Stevie Anna Plummer

“The world will never become a better place if everyone thinks ‘someone else will go fix it’, so volunteering for Adventure Scientists is one of the ways I hope I can be that ‘someone else’ who helps things get better.” – Jon McFarland